Annisquam Harbor Lighthouse is located on the Annisquam River, which connects Ipswich Bay to Gloucester Harbor. The original lighthouse was constructed in 1801 as a 32 foot wooden lighthouse with a fixed white light 40 feet above the water and a keeper’s house. In 1851, a new, white, octagonal 40 foot tower took place of the original one after eight years of rebuilding.

In 1897, the tower and attached keeper’s house were rebuilt on the stone foundation of the previous lighthouse, replacing the original wooden construction with brick. A fog horn was established in 1931 and in 1974, the lighthouse became completely automated, eliminating the need of a lighthouse keeper. The Coast Guard retained the lighthouse and keeper’s house as well as 1.3 acres of land. The latest renovations were completed in 2000. It included about 3,000 bricks being replaced in the tower, replacing the glass windows in the tower, and replacing the roof on the keeper’s house.

Quick Facts:
  • Located in Gloucester, MA
  • Tower Height: 41 feet
  • Height of focal plane: 45 feet
  • Constructed as wooden lighthouse in 1801
  • White tower with black lantern