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By David Matthews Jr

Fine Art Prints / Photography


Metal Prints

Metal prints are a unique printing method of displaying photos that will leave a lasting impression. Photos are preserved by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets enhancing the colors of the image. Colors are vibrant plus detail and resolution are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Metal prints feature an ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface that is waterproof and weatherproof which can be easily cleaned (make sure to avoid direct sunlight).

We offer print sizes up to 40”x70”. Images can be purchased from our print gallery.

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Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a beautiful and cheaper alternative to display photos in your home or office. A canvas print is a photo printed onto a canvas that is stretched or gallery-wrapped onto a frame ready for display. Canvas prints create an oil painting, old-fashioned look when the photo is transferred onto the canvas.

Canvas prints are a great option if you want to get amazing fine art photography on a budget. They are more affordable than traditional frames, acrylic prints, and metal prints.

We offer canvas sizes up to 40”x70”. Images can be purchased from our print gallery.

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Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints provide a sleek and modern look that is sharp and eye catching. An acrylic print is created by printing a photo on paper and then finishing it off with polished acrylic or plexiglass. Acrylic prints provide greater color pop by enhancing the colors of the photo making them bright and vibrant. It gives the illusion of the photo being embedded in a sheet of glass.

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Custom Framing

We offer custom framing for all of our photos available for purchase. If you have a specific look and feel in mind for how you would like the framing to look, we will help you choose the perfect frame to compliment your home or office.

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Print Quality

Getting an image printed is the best way to enjoy fine art photography. Quality comes first and our clients easily recognize the difference in our prints and finishes. From using the highest quality professional photo products and finishes, we treat all our prints with the utmost care and precision to ensure the best prints possible.

Print Surfaces / Finishes

Photo paper finishes are an important factor when considering prints. To keep it simple, we have chosen to provide our clients with nothing but the highest quality finishes currently available. Choosing a finish is important because it improves the overall appearance of a print. Our current lineup includes Kodak ENDURA Lustre “E”, Glossy “F” and Metallic, as well as Fuji Pearl, and Fuji Deep Matte.